2 Questions That Will Help You Get the Most Out of Home Automation

All that home automation gadgetry is super cool and adds a lot of safety and convenience to our lives. The question is, can it do more? When you think of home automation as a tool rather than a convenience, you can get the most out of home automation–and the difference will astound you.

Home Automation is a Tool for Improving Productivity

There just never seems to be enough hours in the day to do as much as we’d like to accomplish. It means we are always having to choose what will take priority, and what will get put aside for another day. That works until you have two things of high priority that must happen. Suddenly, you are wishing you had organized your day in a way that could have squeezed out even a few short minutes more.

When you begin to think of home automation as a tool, you begin to use it even more wisely and reclaim all of the hidden minutes in each day. Every moment becomes more fluid by making what you do-able to be done more efficiently, and by off-loading any task that can be automated.

If you have not used your smart home devices to the fullest, here are two questions that will help you recover unbelievable amounts of hidden time.

What, When, and How Do You Do Things?

Even the life of the least organized person with days that look nothing like each other is centered around certain routines and habits. The difference between disorganization and productivity is how we make the routines work for us, and how we use, or do not use, the tools available to us. Look at these common areas that are key to getting the most out of each day.

  • Do you get up early enough to accomplish tasks?
  • Do you get up promptly?
  • Do your daily routines help you accomplish more, or do they seem to distract from the day?
  • Is your mind often distracted by things you did not get done?
  • Are you spending time retracing steps to accomplish tasks?
  • Do you have multiple duties at home and work to juggle?
  • Do you forget to do things such as locking doors?

What Happens on a Recurring Basis?

While these may seem like basic problems, they have the power to completely derail every single day of our lives because they happen on a recurring basis. When you use home automation as a tool, you can eliminate those time robbing issues. Here are some practical examples.

  • Use smart lighting and a smart thermostat to cause use you to rouse earlier in the morning.
  • Have the morning already prepped for a go by having the appropriate appliances on and running.
  • Use your smart home app to turn on appliances before you get home so that dinner is cooking and coffee brewing for example.
  • Off-load tasks like shutting down the house when you leave by having home automation turn off the smart lights, lock the smart locks, close the garage, and arm the security system.
  • Keep your mind focused on work by eliminating the need to “check on things” like whether or not you turned off an appliance, or if the kids got home. The smart home app can send alerts to keep you on top of things.

Home automation can help you organize processes, reduce stress, and save you time. Knight Security Systems helps your day work for you with intelligent home automation systems. Knight has been empowering customers since 1979.

Keith Maley
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