Bringing Home Baby: Home Automation Tips for New Moms

Bringing home baby is a wonderfully exciting time, but once the guests leave and reality sets in, it can be a scary time too. Suddenly, you are the caretaker of a little human and their precious little life is in your hands. That’s huge! Then you mix in sleep deprivation and the pressures of adjusting everything in your world to accommodate this new life, it can be overwhelming.
We understand, and rest assured that no matter how tired or concerned you are you can get help and support from an unlikely source—home automation. Home automation can provide tremendous peace of mind for the new parent and take a huge load off their shoulders. Here are just a few of the ways you can use this technology to ease into parenthood.

Having a Smart Doorbell is, Well, Smart.

There are a multitude of reasons why a smart doorbell is like a parental superpower but here are two that can far more than you know. Imagine— you just got the baby to sleep and go to lay down yourself to recharge for a moment when the doorbell rings. The baby is awakened and you are dealing with another marathon cry. If you have the doorbell on silent mode, the problem is solved. Or you are right in the middle of a diaper change and have someone at the door. Do you really need to go to the door? With a smart doorbell, you can see whose there and answer remotely.

Check the Cam

Even when we finally get baby to sleep, we may not be sleeping worrying about the baby in the nursery. Instead of getting up a million times, just check the camera from your phone and the rest—assured.

Smart Front Door Locks Rock

Of course, everyone wants to come visit the baby and while having friends and family over is great, it can also create its own sort of chaos. It means having to sync schedules and be home for their arrival or stop everything to answer the door. You can’t pass out a dozen keys, so what should you do? If you use a smart lock you can create a unique code for guests so they can unlock the door without a key and without disturbing the flow of your day.

A Smart Thermostat Keeps it Just Right

Babies can’t regulate their temperature, and that can be a source of concern for parents. If the baby becomes too warm or too cold they can become uncomfortable and unable to sleep. The best solution is to use a remote temperature sensor in the baby’s room which can allow you to keep the room at the perfect temperature.
We at Knight Security Systems want you to relax, and enjoy your new baby. That is one reason why we work so hard at providing the technologies every parent needs to help manage an incredibly busy life.

Keith Maley
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