Everything You Need to Know About the Honeywell Total Connect iOS App Update

Everything You Need to Know About the Honeywell Total Connect iOS App Update

If you are a Total Connect user, you have probably already noticed some changes to the Total Connect iOS app and are likely as thrilled as we are. The team at Honeywell has been hard at work releasing a steady stream of new and newly updated features and now unveiled an incredible new interface that is truly worth talking about.

The Overview of the TC iOS App

As society increasingly integrates home security and home automation technologies into their lives and as those technologies rapidly advance, the tools to interface with them must also change. The new Total Connect iOS app takes on that monumental challenge and exceeds user expectations. The new interface is sleeker, modern, and much more responsive and includes new features that make it a true extension of the user.

What’s New? Just About Everything.

The Honeywell development team listened to the wants and needs of the TC users and made changes to the app based on the feedback from early adopters. Because the changes and additional features were based on feedback from real world users, the result is incredible.

Here are a few of the changes that will help you get even more benefit from your system:

  • More intuitive user interface for easy mobility
  • Simplified interaction and control
  • An automated prompt for users to rate the app and provide feedback
  • Faster connection and immediate delivery of updated information
  • Feature parity and consistency between the iPhone and iPad versions
  • iPhone now supports full control of user management and the ability to set up event notifications
  • Built-in support feature to answer Frequently Asked Questions from inside the app
  • Look and feel comparable to the Android beta app and HTML5 beta website for a streamlined experience across platforms.

Android Beta App Updates

In January, the Honeywell development team began releasing and continues to release new updates and features. Some of them include,

  • Security event settings
  • Push notifications
  • Geofencing arming reminders
  • Skybell compatibility
  • Control Z-Wave devices
  • Ability to schedule Z-Wave thermostats

Once development is completed, Total Connect Android users will have all of the same capabilities as the iOS users and popular features such as Fingerprint Login and Voice Command. Now, no matter whether you prefer the iOS or Android platform, you will have the same capabilities and streamlined experience.

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