Harrisburg Fire Alarm Systems: Getting It Right From the Start

If you have ever gone through the process of obtaining AHJ approvals and passing fire alarm inspection or acceptance test the first time, you know it is never an easy process. Most businesses find the process much more involved than they had anticipated, and not nearly as straightforward as they had expected. There are ways to avoid fire alarm acceptance problems however, and the answer lies in properly addressing foundation issues.

Planning for Success

By its nature, the process of fire alarm system acceptance is an involved and arduous task involving many stakeholders which can include the fire marshal, electrical inspector, building code inspectors, and in some cases insurance company interests . This makes approval the first time around very difficult even under the best of circumstances. It also makes mitigating any problems from the beginning of the process an important consideration.

Building fire alarm system owners should consider these critical points to a successful approval process.

Lay a Foundation for Success

First, know that plan rejection is common and many facets can contribute to its occurrence. The most significant way to avoid unnecessary problems is by choosing experienced and knowledgeable fire system designers and installers willing to do the hard work on the front end of the project, rather than the tail end.

Here are some important ways your fire system designer and installer can help avoid rejection, or repeated rejection of fire alarm system plans.

Make sure your designer and installer is knowledgeable about:

  • Applicable local, state, and federal codes and standards
  • Local amendments
  • Fire protection system requirements (type and coverage)
  • Fire protection system capabilities and compatibilities
  • Building requirements
  • Special hazard issues and requirements
  • User or stakeholder requirements
  • Working with AHJs
  • Intrustructing owners on proper usage

The most common reason projects fail is because installation does not comply with all of the applicable codes, standards, and specifications. This makes choosing experienced and knowledgeable fire and life safety experts one of the most important decisions you can make when considering the success of your installation.

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Keith Maley
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