Home Automation and Halloween: Safer Together

Halloween is always filled with plenty of fun, and plenty of safety concerns. Not only do you want to keep the kids safe, you want to keep your home safe as well. Unfortunately, one of the less fun aspects of Halloween is that it can make our home very vulnerable to everything from vandalism to criminals gaining information for a planned theft. The good news is home automation can be your best tool in combating crime.

Halloween Safety Haunts

During festivities, our minds are occupied with fun, but that is because we are not criminals. For the criminal, Halloween represents opportunity. Halloween is an extra spooky time, with lots of extra people roaming around, usually in costumes. This makes it difficult to identify your friends and neighbors from potential criminals. It is the one time of year when it is dark outside, light inside, and have the door open wide for viewing. To add to the problem, most residents are also fairly distracted, which is a huge advantage to any criminal wanting to take advantage of a prime opportunity.

Use Home Automation to Improve Halloween Home Safety

Keeping Visitors Safe— Of course we always want to keep people as safe as possible. To help keep our friends and neighbors safe, keep your walkways free of obstructions and the property well-lit. Your security lighting is not only useful in keeping your home safe but keeping guests safe, too.

Preventing Vandalism–One of the biggest problems residents encounter during Halloween is vandalism. Egging, mailbox-bashing, toilet papering and other “pranks” are not just bothersome, they are costly. To deter this common holiday issue, use home automation to keep your property well-lit. Use motion sensor outdoor lights to alert when visitors arrive and to keep the area visible. Instead of turning the lights off to signal you are not home, keep them on to deter crime.

Preventing Theft—Instead of making your home and possessions visible to would be thieves, hand out candy from the outside, rather than keeping your door open. Use motion sensor lighting to alert you to approaching visitors. By using home automation inside to simulate occupancy, you can deter any criminals from using this fun night to their own advantage.

Checking in on Your Home—You can only be so many places at once, and those looking to commit crimes count on you being away from home. But with home automation you can check in on your home via the surveillance cameras to make sure everything is safe and take action to simulate your presence if you suspect problems.

At Knight Security Systems, it is our goal to help you make your life as safe as possible by leveraging the most advanced tools in the industry. Call us today with your questions. We are happy to help.

Keith Maley
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