Home Security Includes Pets Too

Having a fire safety plan is vital for every family. If you are a pet owner, having a plan that includes your pets could avoid heartbreak if an emergency occurs. Our four-legged friends can easily be overlooked during a panic, and the best way to ensure every member of your family, including the furry ones, get out of the house safely is to practice.

Follow these tips to create an emergency action plan that won’t leave anyone behind. Fire safety should be practiced by every Harrisburg resident and with every member of your family – even the furry ones.

Keep Leashes and Carriers Nearby

Leashes and crates or carriers should be left in the same place after each use so that they can be quickly located during a rush to evacuate the home. A leash is the fastest way to get the animal out, and it’s a good idea to have someone bring the carrier as well. In the case of a fire, you will likely be displaced for a while and most shelters or hotels require an animal to be in a carrier.

Make Drills Realistic

Because a real emergency is usually full of chaos, you should try to mimic the excitement for the animal’s behalf. Pets can easily become confused during a fire, so teaching your pet a few commands and practicing it with them in a chaotic environment will help the animal focus if the real thing ever occurs.

Compile an Animal Emergency Kit

Hopefully, you have an emergency kit for your family, including water, food and blankets. The same goes for pets. They will also need some of their food, water, and a t-shirt or toy that smells like the home. For cat owners, a portable litter box and litter should also be included.

Practice Makes Perfect

Your fire safety plan should be tailored to the layout of your home and needs of your family members (i.e., small children or elderly needing assistance.) Every person should know the escape route and evacuation plan, and be able to help one another. Practicing the safety plan is imperative, and the only way to ensure you and your family will be ready should the unthinkable occur.
As always, make sure your smoke detectors are working properly and have fresh batteries.

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Keith Maley
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