Home Security Tips: Securing a Child’s Room or Playroom

Every parent knows the importance of childproofing a home to keep little ones safe from danger. However, even with a parent’s best effort, children seem to find danger and accidents happen. In fact, thousands of kids are injured seriously enough to require medical attention each day, and some even sadly result in fatalities.

A parent can’t stand over their child every moment of the day, so how can they add much-needed safety in the areas they spend so much time, such as in their room or playroom? Here’s how to make those spaces safe and increase your awareness.

Video Surveillance with Mobile Access

Even when your child is playing nicely in the room, you still want to keep an eye on them while you are in another room completing your daily agenda. With video surveillance, you can be two places at once getting things done and keep tabs on the children.  By installing a video surveillance camera in your child’s room and play area, you can keep a live feed playing on your smartphone or tablet so you are always watching.

Use Sensors

Windows, whether at ground level or on a second level, pose a huge danger to children. Not only can someone get it, children can use them to get out. Use window sensors to know if a window opens or if glass breaks. Also use sensors to keep kids out of areas that could pose a threat, such as the closet, or to be alerted if they unexpectedly leave the room.

Set up Alerts

Use your home security system app to set up notifications that inform you of the status of security issues, such as open and unlocked doors, open windows or garage door. It only takes a moment for a child to slip out of the home and into danger.  Alerts can also help provide the earliest possible warning of dangers such as smoke, fire, or the invisible and odorless but deadly gas, carbon monoxide.  Alerts are especially helpful if you have a busy child or household.

Discrete Cameras

Small, inconspicuous, or hidden video surveillance cameras are a help to ensure the safety of your child under all circumstances, even while being supervised someone else. The advances in video surveillance technologies have created widespread availability and options in small cameras that can connect to your security system. By viewing a live feed from our phone, you can act on any problems immediately.

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