The Insiders Guide To Teaching Your Kids About Home Security

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One of the most important reasons you probably installed a home security system was to protect your children. Nothing frightens a parent more than the thought that their children may be in danger and they cannot get to them in time. So, now that you have a home security system, should you teach your children to use it? Absolutely! Here’s why:

Home Emergencies

  1. It will help in an emergency – if your child is home alone and someone attempts to break in or a fire starts, knowing your child can activate the security system and speak with a monitoring representative can make a huge difference in your child’s safety.
  2. It will help avoid false alarms – although these are much easier to prevent with an integrated home security system, there is still some possibility of false alarms. False alarms are more than a nuisance; they can generate expensive fees in some areas where false alarms are being penalized.
  3. It will keep everyone in the home safer – after all, if you are unable to operate the alarm, your child can activate the system and get help.

When is it appropriate to teach your children the home security system? It depends on their age and maturity. For children who are very young, the most important thing to teach them is to have respect for it, i.e., the home security system is not a toy.

When children are in school and between the ages of 5 and 11, they should understand how to activate the panic button. They should also understand under what circumstances that button should be pressed and what to do afterwards. Most experts recommend having a drill to run through the basics of how to be safe during an emergency with kids.

When children are old enough to stay at home alone (around 12 years old), they can usually understand how to operate the system, including how to arm and disarm it, what to do if it is triggered, etc. Every child is different, and the ages listed here are not absolutes. The maturity of your child is an important factor that only you can judge.

Learn more about protecting your children with a home security system, call the team at Knight Security today. We care about protecting your family from break-ins, burglaries, and other dangers in the home.

Keith Maley
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