Kids and Security Systems: What to Say and How to Say It

Many parents believe that installing a security system will help their kids feel safer – and in the vast majority of cases, that proves to be the case. But if your kids are among the rarified few who get scared, annoyed or skeptical about your decision to incorporate electronic security products into your home, the following tips may be useful.

Understand and address fears.

If your child expresses fear after learning about your new security system, tell him you understand his concerns. Dismissing fears is not a good idea here, because they may not go away if you do. Explain that as parents, you do everything possible to provide a safe home – and the new alarm is part of that. Installing the alarm doesn’t mean that your family wasn’t safe before, it just means that you’ve decided to do “one more thing” to keep your home protected.

Tell teens the truth.

When it comes to installing security cameras, teenagers tend to be the most apprehensive members of the family. Some teens may say they feel “spied on” when parents use cameras indoors, i.e. with an instant access product like Total Connect® from Honeywell. If your teen expresses this, you can remind him that he knows where the cameras are; normally, the entryway is one of those locations, and that is for his safety. As for the other areas? Whether it’s another safety-sensitive area or a prohibited area you don’t want your child going near (i.e. a liquor or gun cabinet), he can be reminded of those reasons too.

Give them time.

If your children have an unfavorable reaction to your decision to get a home security system, don’t worry; as is the case with lots of things kids “don’t like,” your security system will most likely grow on them over time. They will eventually get used to the alarm becoming a part of your family’s routine, and when it is age appropriate, they can be taught to arm/disarm the system. If you opt for Total Connect, they won’t need to give home security second thought (another reason we recommend that product to families!). The benefits to home security systems far outweigh any objections that children may raise.

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