PA Home and Outdoor Summer Safety Tips

Whether it is vacationing in the Pocono Mountains or enjoying a relaxing time lounging in the backyard, PA residents love their summers. Before you let summer carry you away, however, remember to factor safety into your summer fun. Unfortunately, the number of both burglaries and outdoor related accidents and injuries increase during the summer months. With a few precautions and a little diligence, we can prevent ourselves from becoming a statistic.

Here are our top summer safety tips.

Be Smart About Home Security

Burglars count on better access to homes during the summer months. They know residents will probably go on vacation and will likely show signs of preparing for a trip. They also know many people become more relaxed during the summer, as well as more distracted by kids home from school and extra summer activities. All of these things mean a resident is less likely to take care of securing the home. Do your best to thwart summer crime by following these tips:

  • Keep your yard lit with motion sensor lights.
  • Trim all trees and shrubbery so thieves do not have cover.
  • Do not leave windows open at night or while you are away.
  • Protect your home with an alarm system.
  • Stop mail and newspapers if you are away.
  • Do not leave your garage door open for long periods of time.
  • Use an automation system to automate lighting, televisions, and radios.
  • Never leave a key to the home or garage outside.

Outdoor Safety Tips

With the increase in activity, more people become injured during the summer. Reduce the chances of outdoor related serious accident and injury by following a few precautions.

  • Learn the proper usage of sporting equipment before use.
  • Always wear proper safety equipment when playing sports or using ATVs.
  • Put a safety net around trampolines, and limit the number of jumpers at one time.
  • Supervise swim time.
  • Fence in pool areas and use a locking gate system. For added safety, use an alarm system for the pool area.
  • Keep parked cars locked to prevent kids from getting in and becoming trapped.
  • Avoid exposure to freshly chemically treated lawns.
  • Never leave a barbeque unattended while in use. Keep grilling area free of debris.

About Knight Security

Do not let down your guard this summer. What you do now could save your life, the life of a loved one, or protect your valuables. If you have questions about how you can improve your home security this summer, give us a call. We are always happy to help.

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