What Is A Smart Camera And How Does It Work?

Home automation and smart security cameras have been on our minds and a collective topic of conversation around the nation quite a bit lately. Why? Home automation has gone from a cool tool that helps with energy savings and convenience to an indispensable tool in safety, organization, and productivity in a very short time and people are talking. In fact, it is all the rage among millennial men who have even posted about it on Facebook 8 times more this year than last. Even more compelling, experts say that by the year 2022, the average American will have over 500 smart devices in their home. And, (we know you are wondering), there is one device that seems to lead the pack in popularity—the smart camera. A recent study showed that in 2015, around 61% of smart home automation revenue came from smart security cameras.

So, what makes the smart security camera a must-have home automation device? Here are just 5 of the many applications that make it a chart topper.

1. It Connects You to Your Home Anytime, Anywhere.

It is difficult not to worry constantly about what is going on at home. We think about the safety of our family, pets, home and valuables much more than we realize. Productivity experts agree that having the ability to check in at home quickly eases our concerns and increases our productivity. Smart security cameras provide that window to the safety and wellbeing of those you love. All you need to do is check-in in real time or get instant alerts with smart capture.

2. You can Customize Alerts

You know your home best and with smart security cameras, you can customize and receive notifications for activity indicators that matter to you most, such as when a door opens or a car pulls up in the driveway.

3. You Can Receive Push Notifications Even If Your App Isn’t Open

In case you do not know, push notifications are text alerts you receive when particular activity spotted by the smart security camera triggers an alert. The application does not have to be open to receive the notification. If you do not respond, the system can trigger the lights to go on, sirens to sound, a call to the police or other responses that are within your system’s capabilities.

4. Smart Security Cameras Capture Pre-alarm and Post-alarm Footage

It helps to have the right images of activity and smart cameras provide just that. The cameras capture and save images of just before and right after any alarm event so you know exactly what happened. More importantly, the authorities know what happened.

5. It Is Very Affordable

It might sound like something right out of a James Bond movie, but smart security cameras are actually incredibly affordable technology thanks to the readily available components. If you have any questions about smart security cameras or other home automation and security technologies, give Knight Security a call. We have over 3 decades of superior home security camera experience in Harrisburg and throughout Central PA.

Keith Maley
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