What Is Environmental Monitoring?

You have probably heard the term “environmental sensors” when talking about home security, and put it on your list of things to investigate later, and then forgot. We, understand. It’s easy to forget something that is out of sight and not drawing any attention to itself. Home security environmental sensors are powerful, but often overlooked or forgotten elements of home protection, and you’ll be glad you found out more.

Environmental Sensor Basics

Where motion sensors are a critical part of home security by preventing and detecting entry, environmental sensors are an early warning system that prevents disasters caused by environmental factors such as water, extreme temperature fluctuation, fire, and carbon monoxide. The job of environmental sensors is to alert you to dangerous environmental conditions as soon as possible so that you can act and minimize risk, danger, and damage.

Why You Should Include Environmental Sensors in Your Home Security System

We all want to protect our home and family from intruders or thieves, and because of that home security systems make a lot of sense. But security is not only protecting your family and home from theft, violence, or vandalism; it is also protecting them from acts of nature, and other failures.

These Sensors Can Save Save Your Property and Your Life

The wonderful thing about today’s smart home technologies is that there is a wide variety of sensors that can instantly send a notification to your smartphone. Here are the most common environmental sensors used in smart homes today.

  • Smoke and Heat Sensors. These sensors use photoelectronic technology to detect the concentration of smoke particles in the air as well as detects when the temperature in a room gets too hot too rapidly.
  • Water Sensors. Between mother nature and home maintenance issues, water is a strong and damaging force. When these sensors come in contact with water, they trigger an immediate notification.
  • Freeze and Temperature Sensor. These sensors are used where temperatures get quite cold. They are typically mounted in the home and trigger an alert when the in-home temperature dips below a certain temperature.
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor. Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless, and lethal threat produced by the combustion of fossil fuels. These detectors detect this poisonous gas and alert you immediately so you can get out safely.

About Knight Security Systems, Inc.

People often see environmental sensors as accessories to a home security system, rather than what they are– which is an additional and highly valuable added layer of security. Knight Security has been providing these, and all the tools PA residents need to protect their family, home and business for over 35 years.


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