Worst Places to Stash Cash and other Valuables

Thieves have one mission: to get your valuables. And if you think it is easy to outsmart them, think again. Thieves are masters at their craft and know just about every trick you could possibly use to hide valuables such as cash, electronics, and Jewelry.

Thieves know that you want to keep your things safe and out of sight, but reachable when you need the items. They also know the hiding place needs to be someplace the owner is likely to remember. When you consider all of those factors, it narrows down the possibilities to some highly probable places people hide their personal treasures.

If you are going to stash cash and other valuables, cross these worst places off the list of possibilities.

The Kitchen

The kitchen may seem like one of the least likely and most time consuming places to look for valuables, but the opposite is actually true. There are only a few places in the kitchen that would probably avoid discovery, but you can cross off dry goods containers, high shelves, the pantry and the freezer off the list. Yes, thieves look there.

The Children’s Bedrooms

With the likelihood of kids having a number of high value, portable electronics the children’s bedroom is one of the first places thieves look.

The Master Bedroom

Just cross this one off your list. There isn’t a place in the bedroom that a thief will overlook, including the drawers, hamper, and closet, under the bed and under the mattress.

Don’t Hide Valuables in Suitcases, Bags, Purses, or Backpacks

Thieves use all of these items to fill up and carry away your belongings. If you have a stash of cash or other important items in the bags it is a double score for the thief.

In The Toilet Tank

You saw it in the movies and thought it was a genius idea. The problem is, so did everyone else. The toilet tank as safe is so common now that thieves seldom overlook them.

Effective Ways to Protect your Valuables

Now that you know where not to hide your belongings, here are a few valuable tips on how to keep them safe.

  • Deter thieves from entering the home in the first place by using home security systems.
  • Have overt and covert video surveillance systems.
  • Keep valuables out of plain sight and not visible from the door or windows.
  • Use safes which are bolted to the floor built into the wall to store money, jewelry and other precious items.
  • Make it as difficult and inconvenient as possible to rob your home by fencing the property, using security gates, and installing outdoor lighting.

If you need a plan for keeping your family, home, and property safe, give us a call. We are happy to share the latest advances in home security and how you can implement these technologies in many different ways to make life safer and easier.

Keith Maley
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