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Experience real-time surveillance like never before with Knight Watch live video monitoring.

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Knight Watch: Stop Crime Before It Happens

In today’s world, traditional video security systems fall short; they merely document incidents rather than preventing them. Owners and security personnel are left to respond after the fact, often facing limited options once a security breach has already taken place.

This reactive approach is a thing of the past with Knight Watch Live Video monitoring. Our service transforms your security cameras from mere observational tools into proactive defense mechanisms. Instead of just recording, we actively engage with unfolding situations in real-time, utilizing 120 dB speakers and your existing CCTV network as part of our comprehensive business alarm monitoring strategy.

With Knight Watch Live Video, potential security threats are addressed immediately, often before they can escalate. We don’t just record crime; we actively deter it, changing the narrative from passive surveillance to active property protection. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your assets are truly secure, not just monitored.

How It Works: Knight Watch

The Knight Watch Video Bridge turns your video surveillance system into a proactive video alarm system with encrypted notifications and alarm transmission. This powerful video alarm system creates a comprehensive security solution with visual, audible, and proactive video monitoring for real-time detection and response.  With video analytics or sensors as video zones, video alarm signals are instantly transmitted to the Knight Watch customer mobile app and a video command center for a real-time visual response.

Knight Watch Video Monitoring
Knight Watch Video Monitoring

Over 3 Decades Of Superior Installation & Monitoring

Knight Security Systems, Inc. was started in 1979 by Robert E. Maley, a former Pennsylvania State Police Trooper, as an independent, owner operated security company. Today, we are leaders in residential and commercial security solutions specializing in comprehensive security, fire and life safety systems for installations ranging from single-family homes to major retail centers.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

5 star alarm srvice

"Extraordinary Experience"

“Our experience with Knight Security has been extraordinary since we made the switch. They always respond to any problem we have within the hour and fix it immediately, they always have the equipment to do the job right the first time.

We never have to worry about the security of our businesses anymore. Keith and his staff are very knowledgeable with what they are doing and keep us up to date on the newest technology to secure all of our businesses.”

Erick Carter
Dockside Willies, Dukes Bar & Grill, and Rock Bass Grill

"Admirable Standard"

“Knight Security sets an admirable standard for security systems companies.  In my ten years working with Knight, I have interacted with a knowledgeable and helpful office support team. The security monitoring department has been consistently competent and dedicated to my protection. The techs who come out to install or check my system are skilled and good communicators on their area of expertise. All of the above factors have provided for my on-going association and satisfaction with this locally owned and operated business.”

Harrisburg, PA

"Pleasant and Knowledgeable"

“Knight Security Systems, Inc., offers the most comprehensive and the most affordable security system to meet your home and
business needs. The master technicians and the pleasant and knowledgeable staff of Knight continue to give me excellent service and peace of mind. When I call during regular business hours, I speak to a person, not a machine. That is why I have satisfaction guaranteed!!!”

Harrisburg, PA

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From intrusion to fire and video to access control, Knight Security Systems, Inc. offers the industry’s most advanced technologies and products, combined with technical support and customer service that’s second to none. 

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