Video Monitoring: No More FOMO

FOMO – or the Fear of Missing Out is a real problem for most of us. In fact, FOMO is as inevitable as late night bottle feedings or teenage mischief. As a parent, it is impossible to be everywhere at once, and as much as we want to be there for every moment, it just isn’t possible.
We totally get it. While being a good parent means doing other needful things that take us away from the children in order to provide care, it still hurts when we miss out on those little moments or have to hear about them from the babysitter. We’d like to think that there is a better way—and there is. You can use your home security system to provide additional connection to your home and family and eliminate FOMO from your life.

More Than Home Security

While you got a home security system with security in mind, it can also be a tool in getting rid of FOMO. Instead of getting the lowdown on the day from the babysitter, you can see for yourself by using your mobile device and tapping into your home security cameras. Seeing for yourself helps eliminate your worries in incredible ways.

Stay Connected to Daily Moments

Most parents know that left-out feeling you get when you have to hear about how happy the kids were when they got home or about some other exciting moment secondhand. There is no need to miss out or feel left out when you can be a part of all the action in real time even on the go by watching right on your phone or tablet.

Get Rid of (Your) Separation Anxiety

It is hard to be away from our kids. It is just that simple. Rather than worry about them every moment, checking in remotely can put your mind at ease.

Keep Things on Track

The ability to keep things on track is a real advantage when you want to make the most of your time with your kids. Not only will it help you keep your mind on track at work (and help you finish up and get home sooner) it can allow you to make sure the kids are getting homework done so that you have more time to enjoy together.

No More Chaos

We were young once and know just how much trouble can happen in a few moments alone. Your home security system can help you keep things in check at all times. Your teens will hate it, but you’ll love it.

Knight Security Systems is a leader in residential and commercial security systems specializing in comprehensive security, fire and life safety systems for installations ranging from single-family homes to major retail centers. For more information about home security and how you can leverage it in parenting, give us a call today.

Keith Maley
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