Smart Locks and the Keyless Revolution

Locks are nothing new. Traditional locks using a pin and tumbler mechanism have been around for centuries and a staple of home security. The purpose, of course, is to ensure privacy, improve security, and restrict access. The problem is, the traditional lock has been around so long that they actually offer very little in the way of real security. The technology to replicate keys as well as other methods of illegal entry are rampant. That’s why smart locks have become one of the most popular home technology products on the market today.

A smart lock is a device that enhances security and convenience with a connected, secure keyless entry system, and it is revolutionizing access and security. NextMarket Research predicts the worldwide market for smart locks alone will reach $3.5 billion by 2019. So, what makes smart locks so popular? Here are just a few of the many smart lock advantages.

  • Smart locks work with smartphones. The number one way for a burglar to gain entry is through an unlocked door. However, forgetting to lock the door is the most common security failure for residents. One of the best features of the smart lock is the ability to use your phone to lock or unlock the door remotely, so there is no more forgetting.
  • You can authorize access and use time sensitive codes. Smart locks provide the ability to authorize access with unique codes as well as give the codes and expiry date. A service provider for example might need access for a day while a visiting friend might need it for a week.
  • There are no extra keys floating around. Smart locks eliminate the need for physical keys so you never have excess keys floating around or have the need to hide one on the property.
  • Smart locks provide peace of mind. Smart locks provide more than just convenient keyless entry. They can also increase your awareness through alerts. By setting up alerts for unique codes you can always know who got home and when.
  • Smart locks are smarter than traditional locks. Smart locks can do more than just open doors. They also know when you are near and can trigger other connected smart devices to perform acts as well. So, when you get near the home, the lights might go on or the thermostat will adjust. When you leave, it may trigger the lights to go off and the garage door to close.

With intelligent home automation and smart lock systems installed by Knight Security Systems, you’re connected at home and on the go. For more information about smart locks or other home technologies, call Knight Security today.

Keith Maley
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