Summer Months Mean an Increase in Home Robberies

Warmer temperatures mean more vacations, getaways and weekend parties. The summer overall means a relaxed attitude; from the sleeping in to staying out late. Burglars take full advantage of a homeowner’s relaxation during the summer which is why there is a significant increase in home robberies during the summer.

Tips for Protecting Your Home During the Hot (Burglary) Season

Summer’s outdoor fun means homeowners leave more personal belongings outside. To keep your belongings and loved ones safe this season, follow these tips:

  • Car Security – Keep your car windows rolled up and the doors locked, even if it is parked in the garage. Remove valuables like your CD player or GPS units or hide them in the trunk so they are not a lure for potential thieves.
  • Clean Up – At the end of the day, it is easy to forget valuables outside. To keep them safe, pick up your tablets, expensive toys and even your iPod dock and put them inside before locking up for the night.
  • Yard Tools – From lawnmowers to expensive yard equipment, lock it up in a storage shed or the garage each night.
  • Bikes – Do not let your children leave their bikes outside. Bikes can be easily stolen and are not traceable like a car.
  • Install a Home Security System – Because summer time usually means you will be away from home more often – whether it is just for the day or a week-long vacation – you need to fully protect your home while you are gone. A home security system reduces the chances your home will be a target. Even if a burglar chooses to break in, the sounded alarm will reduce how much time they have to take anything. Most burglars are not willing to take the risk of being caught.

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Keith Maley
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