Back-to-School and Beyond: 7 Smart Home Helps

When the kids are in school, life inevitably gets even busier for them, and you. As they get older the schedules get fuller and fuller with things like sports, music lessons, school events and more. Especially when thinking about older kids, it is nearly impossible to be home for all of their comings and goings. So what is a parent to do to manage it all? Whether you are a working parent, or just one that wants easy solutions to age old problems, smart home technologies provide an answer

Easy Wake-Up

If your child is not a morning person, the wake up process can be brutal, and long. Rather than having to go in and out of the room a million times, use automation to turn on the light, open the shades, and even turn on music for an effective wake up process.

Reduce the Stress of the Morning Rush

It happens to the best of us. We rush out of the house late for school and work and realize that we forgot to turn off the coffee pot or forgot to lock the doors. With smart home technologies you do not need to worry about fighting traffic to get back home to check. You simply access your smart home automation system and complete your tasks remotely.

Contact Sensors Keep Them Out of Important Areas

Even if you completely trust your children, contact sensors can help ensure that everyone who enters the homes stays out of harm’s way. Access control systems can prevent your children or their visiting friends from getting into sensitive or dangerous areas

Know When Your kids Get Home

Smart home technologies allow you to set up alerts when doors are opened and which code was used to unlock the door. By using a unique code for each child, you know that they each got home safely.

Know if They Leave

Sometimes the temptation to leave without permission is just too much. With smart home technologies you can get real time alerts if any enabled door or window is opened.

Get Homework Done Now

For busy or working parents of older children, getting homework done can be a real challenge. Smart home technologies can help them meet their academic goals by allowing parents to remotely cut off electronics until they prove the work is done.

Video Monitoring Keeps Things Under Control

Real time video monitoring lets you keep an eye on things at home, even while you are on the go. So whether you want to make sure homework is getting done or that your home does not become Grand Central Station, video monitoring helps you make sure everything is on track.

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