Home Automation Wellness Changes the Way We Care

Home automation is a diverse and exciting tool that offers convenience and savings. As the technology has advanced, and as more and more common household items, processes, and appliances have become connected, we’ve found countless ways to make life better for specific applications. One of the most significant is home automation wellness applications.

Wellness is About a Better Life

Wellness is the proactive pursuit of good health, and good health is everyone’s concern. Home automation wellness applications make that pursuit a lot easier. With tools such as a system of sensors that track activity,  real-time analytical data, and alerts, home automation wellness provides critical insights to anyone needing or providing care.

Home Automation Wellness is for Everyone

There are over 57 million Americans living with disabilities, and over 13 million senior persons living alone. Together, that is 70 million people living with some form of limitation that makes life more difficult. In addition to home automation tools that simplify everyday tasks such as smart lighting, smart locks, and a multitude of other smart things that remove common barriers caused by common limitations, home automation wellness offers a way to synthesize information that can be used to improve wellbeing.

Wellness Indicators Provide Valuable Insight

For anyone, health issues can arise very quickly. That is especially true if you have or provide care to anyone whose health is compromised in some way. For example, a senior walking around the house is not a problem. A senior suddenly changing their usual habits and leaving the house in the middle of the night could be a sign of potential health issues and put the person in a serious, life-threatening situation in a flash. A normally active person living alone but who suddenly becomes less active can also be an indicator of current or future health concerns.

To do this, home automation wellness applications use a system of sensors and connected devices that establish regular routines and then alert caregivers if there is an abnormality in that pattern. This can provide critical health information about things like:

  • Inactivity or wandering
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Odd or erratic behaviors
  • Medical adherence
  • Infrequent or excessive bathroom use
  • Falls

Integrated Pendants

Another important element is Personal Emergency Response Pendants (PERS). PERS can be paired with wellness systems to provide added safety. For example, a PERS connected to a completely integrated system can provide an alert even if the wearer cannot.

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